College Left Handed Pitcher Mechanics

I’m a 6’2" 185 sophomore left handed college pitcher in the New England area. I missed my freshman season with left hip labrum surgery. I’m all healed up and ready to get back to my pre-surgery self on the mound. I’ve been throwing for about a month (5 weeks). My problem is that due to compensation before surgery, and compensation post-surgery, my mechanics have changed from how they looked in my senior season of high school ball- when I was at my best. My velocity was higher than ever (high 80’s, touching 90), and I was hitting my spots…which isn’t surprising since I had previously been a crafty low 80’s lefty. Now that I’m stepping back on the mound, my mechanics are different, I don’t have the velocity that I once had, and I can’t hit my spots. I’m worried that due to these changes I could cause an injury in my arm. I’m looking for some advice pertaining to the mechanical differences that you can see in the videos, any ways you think I can improve my recovery (and fix my mechanics). Any input is welcome.

These videos are from December 2010 (mechanics good)

These videos are from last week (not good)

Thanks for your help.

Ive thrown in that gym! Awesome!

You do a lot of things very well. Youre a fine looking lefty. One suggestion is to be a little more deliberate with your glove side arm action. It gets a little “lazy” instead of working for you as you expand, rotate and deliver the baseball.

I will provide a little more later today, but you have a solid foundation already! If we can get you moving down the mound a little quicker, more explosively, it would lead to a little more power in your delivery.

Explosiveness certainly isn’t a strong point right now, as my left leg isn’t back to full strength from surgery. My arm slot feels higher, and I feel like I’m not getting good extension. I notice that my left foot is coming immediately off the rubber rather than dragging off the rubber for 1-1.5 feet before coming up like it was when I was throwing my best. Any suggestions?