College Games

I was just wondering for future reference, do coaches call your pitches in college for you? or do they just let you do your own thing.

My American Legion coach called pitches for me, and it was annoying. i still pitched well, but i feel that he called certain pitches at the wrong time.

Last year in college the coach called pitches for me the first couple of outtings. After we started rolling into the season though I talked to him about giving myself and the catcher a chance to work together on pitches so he let us go one game and I did well. The rest of the season we would do meetings with the coach before my outtings to talk about hitters and sequences but he let me and the catcher call my games for the rest of the season.

I think it all depends on the trust the coaching staff has on you and the catcher to call a good game and to pitch succesfully if they have trust they may call a couple pitches here and there where they think theres an advantage but not the whole game.

ya, i feel that i dont know the situations as well as my coach did, but i do know which pitches are on that day.

I would say the vast majority of college coaches call the pitches for their pitchers. Once they have confidence in their pitchers understanding the game at the college level, they are more likely to give a chance to the pitchers to call their own pitches.


thanks guys