College Freshman in Need of Direction

Hi everyone, haven’t been on this in a while. Well here’s my story:

Next week I will be off to college as a freshman. I’ve decided to not try out for the baseball team, but train and focus on my studies for a year. I know if I want to pitch next year for this team, I will have to add some velocity to my mid 70s fastball. I’m 5’8 and 155 pounds, with an average body that has fat to burn. I was considering spending time cutting fat, and then go from there to packing muscle. I own tuffcuff, but not sure if that is good for what I am trying to do. Does anybody have a program or advice I could follow? Any help or anything is greatly appreciated, thanks!

if you have a high body fat at 155lbs you have little muscle mass and shouldn’t be doing a fat loss diet. Work to clean up what you eat (think Paleo diet) and start eating more. Get on a solid lifting program for baseball like what eric cressey offers. Set up a throwing program you can follow for the fall winter and spring, 4-5 days per week. The more you commit the more results you will see. Low 80s in a year is a realistic goal for just about anyone in your position

I would focus so much on burning fat as in gain muscle. Things that build muscle will generally burn fat. Things like lifting, sprints, plyometrics.

Just my opinion though. Good Luck

hop on some supplements I take dark matter and an a D1 junior build muscle once you add muscle your metabolism will rise burning more calories naturally… You proably are going through your fall weights right and college classes make sure your getting plenty of sleep. if you want personal good advice message me back. Im on this thread for dead arm I went from 95 to 85 in about a month. I had seen it all and played it all perfect game. cape cod league Major league scouting bureau teams.