College Fall Strength Program?


This is my second full year coaching JUCO baseball in the Northeast. Last year I came on board staff very late and couldnt implement some things I wanted with my pitching staff.

I wanted to get some feedback on what lifting/strength program would be best utlized during a fall college season.

Like most programs we scrimmage and intrasquad quite a bit plus at the JUCO level starting jobs are really on the line so its tough to get into a hardcore strength program that would need recovery and/or jeopardize guys perfroming at their best.

I was planning on just starting a easy 3-4 days a week full body type split just to get guys familiar with the weight room, certain exercises (squat,dealift) and proper nutrition. Anbody know of or have suggestions for a college fall strength program??


Strongly recommend you read Practical Programming for Strength Training]Starting Strength
and [url=[/url]. Those books will go a long way.


thanks kyle

been following driveline for quite a bit appreciate the info. I am very familiar with starting strength. I guess my only hesitation with anything is doing too much especailly when some of these kids unfrotunately have zero lifting experience and need to throw at a high level in our fall scrimmages to win a job or show us where they stand.

I know your a big believer in rest is atrophy as am I but do you believe utilizing starting strength in the fall on top of our sprint work and functional strength training (med balls, functional sprint work) is overload and would hurt max perfromance ?


The reality is they should have done stuff in the summer on their own, under an “optional” training program sponsored by the JC. That’s how the successful JCs in our area do it.

In the fall you’re a little more limited, but you can find time to lift heavy twice per week for sure.