College Evaluations during the summer?

Hey fellas, name is Adam. I’m coaching an American Legion 19U team in Kansas for the summer of 2013. Now I’m 20 years old myself and used to play for the team I’m now the head coach of. I played when I was a Senior. Now what I remember was in the fall we used to go to these College Evaluations all throughout the fall when we didn’t have a game or tournament. College Evals are basically an organized practice. Meaning traditional infield/outfield running drills, hitting, and pitching in front of college coaches. That’s also how I was discovered at one of these and went on to play college baseball at that school.

To get to the point… My question is do they do these in Summer? I realize I have to email and set up a date or something like that. Now I’m not looking to go to Division 1 schools… so WSU, KSU, and KU is out of the question. I was more looking to send these kids to Junior colleges, NAIA schools, or even a few D-2/3 schools. Is evaluations only available in the fall? or is it possible to do evals in the summer too?

-Coach Henderson.

Best thing to do is get some dialogue going with the Coaches you’re interested in doing this with.

It’s usually harder for a College Coach to run something similar to a camp you’re describing in the summer for various reasons, some are working another Coaching job, some are recruiting and some are taking time off to be with family.

There might also be a rule in the NCAA about it as well, not sure but I’d look into that aspect as well, same with NAIA and JUCO programs.