College evaluation

I was just wondering if anyone had some input as to how colleges evaluate a pitchers stats in high school. For example I play on a horrible fielding team and lost 3 games my junior year without giving up an earned run in any of them. I had a pretty good ERA, 1.11, and about 10 more k’s than innings pitched. Just wondering if any administrators could help me out

Good news, a scout will see the caliber of your skills, bad news is on a crap team it is very difficult to get a look. I will say and have been told that stats, unless really super hot tend to be just added to the whole clam bake…They are looking at what you bring when given opportunity. Hitting your spots, good (Moving) speed, how you deal with adversity, your physical make-up and athleticism, as well as grades and SAT scores all add in. If you bring the whole taco it’s negligable being on a crap team as long as you get yourself a look…(December Camps can show how skillful you are without a team and get you seen).
Good luck and let us know how things work out for you.

I got invited to a baseball camp at Duquesne college in early August and they said that other D1 scouts from the four state area around Pittsburgh will be there. What will they be looking for, how should i prepare? What besides the obvious stuff, can i do to impress them?

You posting on these two forums nearly made me think I was losing it :shock: , I was almost sure i responded to you here but when i saw it on the other page I responded again…maybe better idk 8)

Prepare as you would for an important start, be ready but not nervous, If you make a bad pitch don’t worry…focus on the task at hand, which will be either throwing an outstanding bullpen or getting batters out (You cannot do anything about what has past even a second ago)…zone out all extranious stuff, like wondering how you look to the scouts or attempting to throw faster than normal or trying to throw the worlds best whatever…be Mac and deal…you will be fine

Thanks, my last workout i tried to overthrow terribly and i lost 4-5 MPH on my fastball and came away dissapointed. I’ll try to heed your advice for the upcoming camp. And sorry, I did post it twice-first on the mechanics forum, then i realized it would be better suited in the high schook pitching category