College Evaluation

I was just wondering if anyone had some input as to how colleges evaluate a pitchers stats in high school. For example I play on a horrible fielding team and lost 3 games this year without giving up an earned run in any of them. I had a pretty good ERA, 1.11, and about 10 more k’s than innings pitched. Just wondering if any administrators could help me out

The deal is getting a look, if you can get a scout, they will see what YOU have. They look for how you deal with adversity, what kind of velocity you have, your command, your size and athleticism. Stats mean something, but are all part of the whole thing. Grades and SAT scores have as much weight or more. Consider this, a kid in a very weak league could set a state record for k’s and still be only marginal with poor or no positive velocity, a stud playing in Miami or L.A. or Arizona or…you get it, could be throwin smoke and be a great athlete, but getting beat regularly and a high era…scouts and colleges understand this…Never let worry of things you cannot control get in the way of your dreams and aspirations!
Getting a scout can be done by contacting the schools you are interested in (By writing or calling personally), having your coach contact them, going to December or summer camps at the school you want, playing on a travel squad that plays tourneys that have scouts attending, going to mlb tryout camps…well there may be more ways but start with these and if you run out… come on back we’ll brainstorm some more…

Good Luck! Have fun, work hard…enjoy your final year! :smiley:

This was also in the high school thing!