College Decision

I have to make my college decision ASAP. I would appreciate any help/advice. I live in New Jersey, my two options are Rollins College (D2 in Florida) and Ursinus College (D3 in Pennsylvania). It’s a tough choice because I want to ultimately end up at a Villanova type school. Which do you think is the better option? I hope to transfer to a D1 school after 1st or 2nd year. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t know much about Rollins, but I’ve heard good things about Ursinus. And I have a friend who pitches there and likes the program.

Look yourself in the mirror and answer:

How far away from home do I REALLY want to be?

Which school has the educational programs I want should this baseball thing not work out.

Which is the best financial option?

Do the facilities matter?

Does it matter if I sit the bench or play right away?

Which coaching staff seems most genuine?

IS there a difference in the training program for pitchers?

Which campus will you be more comfortable at?

There are probably more but those are right off the top of my noggin…

If you weren’t originally recruited by division I schools (and there are plenty of Division I schools around New Jersey) you should probably just focus on getting on a team you can get good playing time for.

Villanova is a Big East school and although they are a garbage DI school they still recruit DI talent if that makes sense to you.

I was recruited by D1 schools, it was just the ones i was recruited by didnt really match up academically.

Tough call. I’ve always thought it was much tougher to transfer to a Div 1 school from anything other than a JUCO. You’re going to run the risk of your credits not transferring, among other things. It’s also harder to get looks from Div 1 college coaches when you’re going to Div 2 or Div 3 schools because that’s not the normal place where college coaches look for talent – they look at JUCOS, they look at high school players, and they look at other Div 1 players from different conferences who are good, but having trouble in their current situation.