College contact for high school sophomore

Hello everyone, hope everone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving.
My son anthony has been rec’ing a ton of e-mails regard college interest
in him. I even received a phone call the other night regarding him from a
college asking him to go to a clinic. I have read that contact can’t be made until after sept of his junior year. Does anyone know more on this?
Would love feedback. Thank you.

Recruiting guidelines are extremely complex and may vary according to the athletic association that the college is a member of (NCAA is simply the big AA that everybody has heard of, not the only one). Within a given athletic association there are also different guidelines depending on whether the specific college is D1, D2, or D3. JUCOs seem to have almost no recruiting guidelines that they must follow.

During sanctioned times of the year, D1 NCAA schools can make contact with prospective student-athletes. As far as I’m aware there is no age/grade cut-off…but most D1 programs spend most of their time focusing on juniors and seniors for the obvious reason. There are NCAA guidelines that restrict the kind of inducements that can be offered, but invitation to a prospect camp is common and not a violation as far as I’m aware. There may be an NCAA issue if the college charges $$ for registration at their prospect camp (most do) but lets in your son or other participants for free.

Take a look at this link, and some of the other links found on it: