College Club Teams

I’m curious about these college club teams…

Do you have to attend the college to play for their team, do you have to pay, do you have to be a full time student at the college?

College club teams — assuming you’re talking about ones that play during the school year — are usually on the same level as an intramural sport, except that the team plays other schools’ club teams instead of against other teams within the school.

Often the “club team” is a replacement for a JV squad, made up of walk-ons who couldn’t make the real team that year. The best players may have a chance to make the “real” team in the future.

Also, many club teams exist because the school does not have a budget for a bonafide NCAA / NAIA program. A few club teams get strong enough that the school is more or less “forced” into establishing a program. I think Baruch College (NY) used to have a club team that eventually became a “real” team.

In either case, you’d have to be at least a part-time student at the school.

But then, if you’re a “ringer”, and nobody says anything (or knows any better), you might get away with playing. I’d imagine there are some rules between the schools that would keep that from happening, though.

Taken from UNC’s club team site

“Our organization seeks to provide UNC students with a place to play baseball
competitively against other universities. It provides a great opportunity to
unite and become a team focused not only on winning, but most importantly, on
having fun. Membership in our organization is available to all students
regardless of race, religion, national origin, disability, age, veteran status,
sexual orientation, or gender.”
-Last year’s president, Chip Hofler

Members are expected to participate in at least two practices per week
and all games if possible. Also, members are expected to participate in
fundraising activities and group gatherings.

I think that may help with your question.

The National Club Baseball Association and all it’s teams can be found here:

Being that there is a large association I would think there would be regulation preventing non students or something of that nature.

As far as being a full time student I’m not sure, I saw on NC States club site that they had a grad school kid playing and grad school is often not full time.

As far as paying I have a feeling that someone else is well equipped to answer that question.
But I will point out some schools aren’t even being funded for the full 11.7 scholarships. That being said I would say there is some to pay if it isn’t comvered via fundraising.

Cost would be anyones guess, the cost of high school baseaball in our city has about a $1000 difference between some schools.

Hopefully someone will be able to directly answer your questions,

Good Luck to ya