College baseball's off-season


With the fall college baseball season now over in most parts of the country, including at Indiana State University, what are baseball players on your team doing now, in the off-season?

When do you start your off-season strength training? What’s the focus of your off-season develpment? When will you start throwing for next season?

i’m hoping to walk on to a DIV II college here in north carolina soon (maybe 2006) but i’m nursing a shoulder injury which won’t allow me throw for another 3-4 weeks, can’t throw hard for 2 months

so it looks like i’ll start throwing hard to build my throwing strength up in the middle of december

i’m working my ass of with countless amounts of painful shoulder/rc exercises that’ll last me a lifetime so hopefully when i get back on the field i’ll be throwing harder then i ever did!!

the season starts early febuary so hopefuly i can make the team and get out there but i dont know if that will be possible, i might have to red shirt or simply wait out another year…but i’ll be 21 this december, im getting old but still have 4 years of college eligibility

For our “off-season” :lol: we go individual work. We break up into groups of 4 and work with our pitching coach on fundamentals, PFPs, and talk about the mental side of pitching.

In the weight room, this is really when we get hit hard with our Cardio and heavy lifting. We lift heavy since we are not throwing off a mound very much, we do squats and lots of dumbbell lifting for our upper bodies. We run a lot!! and work on agility. M/W/F we run a few miles and do a lot of plyo work with agility.

This is around the time where I give my arm some time off. I like to throw light to keep my arm in good health but I will not start throwing hard again until about mid-december/early jan. A lot of people tell me its late, but its just the way my arm works. Then I start getting ready for opening day Vs Notre Dame on Feb 25th!!