College baseball

My dream is too play D1 college ball and Pro! I think I am capable of achieving it and I have been told by retired players that I have what it takes. I’m only a sophomore but I am thinking about college all the time for some reason. Where to play? Will i be good? Can i make it? I think I can make it D1 but i dont know! I have the size being 6’3 200+ pounds and only getting bigger. I throw 80-84 off the mound and throw mid to high 70’s from behind the plate. My Pop time is anywhere from 1.95-2.05. I can definitely improve in that category. I hit .415 last year so I’m not a bad hitter. (I was not facing little pee-wee pitchers either) These kids we’re good. not trying to be cocky or anything. PLease can i know if i have what it takes to go D1 and what i need to work on!
Thanks guys!

Work hard now, focus on becoming as fundementally sound and physically conditioned as possible. Your grades need to be and stay top rate, start practicing the SAT/ACT, baseball has a way of clearing out those who don’t have “it”, so if you take care of business, focus on acheiving your dream through hard work, planned effort and careful consideration, you’ll find yourself reaching that goal at some point, all it takes is the hard work and sacrifice. You see the shear fact that you “do” all of those things will show you how to be successful at anything. Another thing, if you want to play “D-1” baseball, the very first thing you ought to do is pick one and find out what it takes to get there, then you have the parameters, you just have to devise and be faithful to a plan…of course adjusting as it becomes necessary.
No worries…you are really competeing against yourself and what you can personally accomplish.