College Baseball showing signs of Revolution

Anybody hear about this?

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

I think it’s a good idea in theory, but it’s taking something away from the game

Catch the sign

College Baseball Showing Signs of Revolution

My son played on a team that used that last year. Coaches would yell out the numbers of the plays. After an inning or two, one of the opposing coaches yelled out “Bingo”

Did your son find it useful or easier?

this is the norm now, for catchers to wear wrist bands and pitching coaches to flash 3 numbers to them to signal the pitch. We still picked the teams that repeated numbers, even though there isn’t a discernible pattern. I picked Florida state in 2 innings every game, but once they knew we were relaying signs they would switch things up by giving the catcher a new card. Careful coaches will never repeat a number to the catcher, but there are a handful we played this year (including ECU) that repeated at some point in the game.

Worked great. They changed wrist bands every other inning so teams couldn’t steal signals.

Interesting stuff thanks for the input guys

Please try to be honest if you attempt to answer any of the following.

Assuming a coached yelled out the pitch type and location to the pitcher so everyone could hear, what would be the discernible effect? FI, would teams and players OPS go up 500 points, would HR production triple, would the number of runs scored per game double or triple, would batting averages go up 200 points and ERAs double as well?

I know lots of people at a ball game try to steal signs, but what percentage of them do it with accuracy.

Assume a curve ball is called for on the outside corner at the knees in HS. What percent chance is there that the pitch will be executed correctly and thrown in that spot?

My sons high school team uses these. Both the catcher wears them and everyone wears one when going up to bat. Early in the year there are mixed signal with the hitters bunting when they shouldnt or a guy running when he shouldnt. Makes more sense for the catcher to wear one than the hitters in my opinion, but, thats just me. It doesnt change much in my opinion. The catcher can still call the pitch he wants if so inclined.

Great questions scorekeeper,

It all doesn’t matter one bit unless you can execute. That’s my opinion.

I think it makes a huge difference. A big part of pitching is keeping the batters off balance.

If a batter can dig in knowing what speed the next pitch is coming, the only thing left is location.

It simply becomes BP!

Knowing whether a fast ball or off speed pitch is coming is HUGE. Doesn’t matter about location. More crucial to timing and rhythm.

Well to throw out the other side…how about the catcher seeing a pitch that dominates and throwing the comment…“like that??? here it comes again…?” 8)

I have to admit, I’ve seen that just get into a batters head…and eat em alive…gettin on the ol rockin chair… :wink:

I’d say on most HS staffs Score…one may be able to hit his spots with decent regularity (On average).