College Baseball Program Looking For Pitchers

This is an email I received from a local hitting instructor (Tampa, FL).
Just wanted to help him out by posting this on here. His information is at the bottom of the copied email if anyone wants to know more.

Copy of email…

As you all know, I am the Director of Instruction for ProTalentInstructs, and my brother Jerry is my Assistant Coordinator of Instruction. I am a Coach at Sickles High School, and I am writing you this email just out of curiosity because One of the major programs that I operate at ProTalent Instructs is to help young men have an opportunity at playing baseball in college. My recruiting program is a very successfull program due to all of the great network and connections that I have with colleges all over the nation all thanks to my experiences in traveling around America and playing college and Professional baseball.
I do recruiting and help kids get scholarships to colleges so that they can continue pursuing their baseball dreams.

At this very moment one of my colleges in New York, is in need of a couple of Pitchers because after the fall semester of school, if players dont achieve their academic standards, they can not participate and for that reason there are a couple of roster spots available at this college. My question to you is, if by any chance does any of you know of any kids that wanted to play college baseball, and are pitchers, but didnt get an opportunity to go to college and play, so they have already graduated high school, or are at another junior college but wont make that colleges baseball team and would like an opportunity of a life time to transfer and go play in a college in New York for 2 years, Could you please let me know about it???
I would appreciate your response
Coach Eddie Gonzalez
Director or Instruction
Pro Talent Instructs
Ph 813-675-7864