College baseball for a die hard player?

I’m 18 years old this is my senior year in high school. I throw in the low to mid 80’s. I am more of a accurate pitcher. Then a power pitcher. I wanna make a career out of baseball more then anything. My plan was to go to a junior college and be the starting pitcher for a small school for a year or two then go on to a D2 or D1 school for a year or 2 and then enter the draft. What are your thoughts and opinons on this?

Have you recieved any letters from D1 or D2 schools? or are you considering walking on? Going to JUCO is a good alternate route and there are a lot of awesome ballplayers that play in JUCO. I think you need to sit down with your parents and yourself and think about what level you think you can play at.

I think if you wanna go to JUCO and bulk up or work and then get seen thats a fantastic way to go. Or if you wanna try walking on to a D1 or D2 team thats also a good way to go (although its a lot tougher to do)

I just think you need to talk to your HS coach and your parents and tell them of your intentions and they can help you a lot to get seen to JUCO’s or D1 programs.

Hope I helped

i agree… JUCO’s are great to gain experience at the college level. I am playing at a Junior College right now and I really like it. It really is no different. Most people choose a junior college either because their grades aren’t quite good enough or they just don’t quite have what it takes to be a D1 or D2 player yet, but playing at JUCO could help you get better and get looks from other school. I suggest you sit down with you parents and HS coach and see what they think. Maybe your coach has some connections or knows someone who needs a quality pitcher.

Good Luck

Have you been recruited by any schools at all?

whats JUCO??

Albeit this thread was started 2 years ago, JUCO is Junior College, an example of this is Indian Hills Community College.


didnt even notice how old it is