College baseball camp feedback

it was very educational. the coaches/players were very helpful. the main focus was not to really teach them technic but to show them what their program was about. proper work ethic and drills they performed on every day. they took a video of each pitcher the first day and then analyzed it the second day and got to correct it in the bullpen. they also worked on pfp’s, which some coaches forget to teach pitchers. one of the other main thinks is teaching the mental part of the game. you may have great velosity but if you can’t field, hold runners on, and change speed you probably won’t fit in their program. one other thing the stressed was family, family, family. great pitcher/catcher camp.

Glad to hear it! Sounds like a good camp and a fun experience. The thing I like most about what was offered was the video analysis. That’s super. And the fact that they worked with the kids on their mechanics from the tape on the next day is great, too.