College Baseball Aspirations - 2017 Grad


Hello LTP members,

I used to have a log that I didn’t keep up with much about a year and a bit ago but here I am for my second attempt. The old log was called “The Road to Success - Aris Z”.

To update you on myself since I last checked in:
I am a 2017 grad and just turned 16
5’8’’ 145 pounds
Fastball (Mid to high 70’s)
Change up

So far my season statistics are:
28.0 IP
30 K’s
17 BB
2.00 ERA

Regarding the walks. At the start of the season my control was off but after my fourth start I made a key mechanical adjustment which has led to me not walking anyone in my past 13.0 innings pitched. This has also let me cut down on my pitch count and let me go 6 innings in my past two starts (65 and 70 pitches respectively).

This year I am playing on a “AA” travel team. Next year. I plan on playing on a 19u College Showcase Team run by a San Francisco Giants scout.

I am a two way player. In the field I mainly play Centerfield.

My goals for this summer are to increase my velocity mainly with tons of long toss and band/ flexibility work. I also plan on attending a few college showcases in the summer.


Mechanics>longtoss. Longtoss might help you for center but not so much off the mound. If you have questions let me know. I was once in your shoes and also had TJ. I pitch in college now consistently low 80s sometimes mid, still have some adjustments to make. I literally study mechanics every day.


Thanks for the response and I’m open for any advice. What college do you play for PitchHitRun?


A small place called Loras College. Post a video and I’ll take a look.


Started on the mound today against a pretty good team, here’s the line:
4.0 IP
5 K’s
2 BB
Win (now 6-0 on the season)

At the plate I was 1-3. (Now 23 for 56 on the year)

Didn’t have my best stuff tonight but I battled and did ok. Just a little disappointed by the walks. On a positive note I’m pretty happy with the fact that I’ve already pitched 32 innings this year. Got a game tomorrow…


I also have a question regarding a showcase. I was invited to a showcase at the University of Connecticut where there will be three D1 schools (UConn, Hartford and Marist) and a few D3 schools as well. The only problem is the guy from my town who invited me is charging 250$ for the showcase. Is that too much money?


I wouldn’t pay $ to showcase for any of those schools. If they are interested, they’ll come to see you pitch on your school team or travel team. Seriously… they will come to you on their dime if they are interested. Showcases (and MLB tryouts) absolutely suck unless you legit are throwing way above average for your age. That’s just the reality of it. Keep working on your skills and strength. Keep getting innings. Keep improving. You’ll get your shot–and you won’t have to pay $250 for it.


This is sage advice from Steven.
Plenty of kids go to multiple showcases or prospect camp throwing average or slightly below/above average and never hear a thing.


Thanks for the advice guys, the only reason I was considering it is because where I live up in Canada it’s difficult to get spotted without going to the States and playing.


Just got back from practice. Didn’t throw a bullpen today, we worked on defense and some hitting.

I went 0-1 in my game yesterday with 3 walks. Hit a nice line drive to left center but the left fielder made a nice grab. In my second third and fourth at-bats I walked on four pitches each time… pretty frustrating but I got on base.

I’m starting on Saturday against a good team and I will mix in a couple bullpens and some long tossing in between.

I’ll also go hit in a cage I have at a park near my house later today with some teammates. Ill update you guys later this week.


Had a pretty productive day today. Went to the cages early this morning with some teammates and then did some long toss. My arm felt pretty great and I’m sure I must be scraping the low 80’s on my pull downs. Also did some sprints with a resisting parachute and a flush run.


Rough outing yesterday… Really rough

Played with another team as I guess like a call up and I was off:


The walks were what did me in. No one to blame but myself.

Anyways I have to get past it, refocus and prepare for my start Sarurday.


Big tournament just ended this week in New Hampshire.

I started in our first game against a team from Massachussets:
6.1 IP
3 Ks

I was feeling great for this start. I had a no hitter broken up in the 6th inning. I just let my defence do their job, they were great.

I also pitched 1.2 innings in relief later in the tournament:

I came in with men on second and third and 1 out. I got a ground all to myself, held the runner at third and got the out. The next guy grounded out to second.

Overall a great tournament pitching wise against quality comeptition.


Nice job. Good line for your last start and relief appearance. Keep it up.


Had a start today and it went ok:
4.1 IP
7 K’s

Made a bad play fielding a bunt that cost me two runs. Disappointed with that. Overall I pitched decent. They also had a couple of timely hits but I mostly overpowered them.

I ran after I pitched an after the game.


Started today against a good hitting team:
No decision we tied in 8 innings

I pitched ok, they didn’t hit me hard at all but in the fourth I walked two guys and a bloop and a groundout scored two guys.

I controlled the running game well and fielded my position pretty well also turning a 1-4-3 double play.

I was throwing harder than I have all year on a mound which was pretty much flat.

This start gets me to 55 innings pitched this year plus another 5 with another team gets me to 60 on the year which was my goal. With 5 more regular season games and postseason games left plus fall ball I want to get to 90 innings pitched.


Started today in the second game of a double header:
4+ IP

I got the loss today, putting my record on the year at 7-2.
We were shutout, and our fielding wasn’t great.

Normally I don’t give up many hits but today I missed my spots a couple times and they capitalized, all four hits were singles.

Now I must prepare for playoffs. We finished first in the league and playoffs start the 5th but so ce were forst and we have buy we will start later.

I will long toss once and get a small flat ground bullpen in before game 1 of the playoffs which I am most likely starting.


Are you right handed, or lefty?


I’m left handed


Recently got gunned 74-76 in an exhibition game but on a crappy mound. Slightly disappointed because I thought I was throwing harder. Got a big tournament this weekend.