College Ball?


I’m a LHP that is 6’3 190 lbs. I’m currently a senior who throws low 80s. Should I be throwing harder in order to get to college level?


Yes. Low 80s is average for varsity, college is the top 5.6% of players.
I’m not sure how well your control and movement are, but low 80s isn’t enough probably. If you have crazy movement and control you can probably play D2 or D3 throwing 84-86.
Time for some oly lifts!


Low 80’s is plenty hard to play college ball. Especially being a lefty. The average fastball on my NAIA team is probably 80. It depends what level of play your interested in


Id say you can survive on a college team with what you have (assuming average or better command and movement). But if you are looking to be drafted, bulk up man. Throwing harder always helps and seeing that you’re 6’3" 190, I’d say you could throw a lot harder with some lifting.


Check out lefty, Ross Mitchell, who pitched for Mississippi State University. He tops out at around at maybe 80 mph. In a previous post I said 73 mph, but by his last year in college he was hitting 80. He was a great pitcher for them for 3 years. He was a big part of their run to the D1 college world series runner up finish in 2013. He started, middle relief, and closed. I think he may even do the pre-game field prep. So if he could do it in the SEC, you can do it anywhere. He did have crazy amounts of movement and killer accuracy though.

.828 winning percentage (24-5), a 1.93 career ERA
ERA drops to 1.86 (10-3) in 36 career SEC contests (10 starts)
Has held opponents to a lifetime .217 average
One of two pitchers in SEC history (Alan Johnson, 2003) to be SEC Pitcher of the Week three times in the same season


Thank you for clearing things up. I have good control with a good tailing action on my fastball and change. I have a sharp 11-5 curveball. However when I picked up a ball after two weeks of no practice or games I noticed a little tightness behind my elbow on my pinky side. I don’t think it is my UCL, but I could be wrong


I had a guy on my Div I team that was a LH specialist. He threw side arm and was nasty to leftys. If all else fails, give that a shot.


Yes, yes, yes. My philosophy is with even a low 80’s fastball, good control and good off-speed, anybody can pitch at the D3 level. May not get into any top 10-15 D3 schools, but if your willing to go to a smaller school your stuff will be plenty. Just know that at the D3 level the most important thing is grades, most D3 schools aren’t as lenient with letting players in who don’t meet regular acceptance standards.