College Ball

Alright, I’m aware that this post is very similar to the one below me, but here goes.
I am planning to walk onto a Division 1 team in Florida. Out of high school, I was recruited by multiple DI teams, and got offers, however, couldn’t afford to pay private school tuition, and out of state. I’m honestly just wondering my chances and how I compare to the players I’m going to be competing with.

I am:

200 lbs
87-88 Consistant, Topping as high as 91.
plus arm side run
Great Change up
Good 2 Seam
Average Curve
I spot the ball well, but not perfectly.

Also, assuming, obviously, that every coach does tryouts differently, what are some other people’s experiences from walking on as a DI player. What kind of stuff did the tryout include?
The team I’m trying out for seems to be in need of pitching, as they lost a few players to surgery, and one to a shark attack. (Not even joking).

Thanks Guys.

Everything looks good … I think if you go out there and establish that you can throw strikes and command your fastball, you’ll do really well with your stuff and size.

The most important thing is to MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION. Get a haircut. Wear your hat properly. Wear the right uniform/apparel. Polish your cleats. Tuck in your shirt.

You only get one shot at making a good first impression, and it’s soooo important. If you look like a bum, you won’t get taken seriously. :slight_smile:

Seems like you have all the ‘stuff’ to pitch at that level and i agree with everything steve had to say. The biggest thing i noticed from high school to college is you HAVE to be able to spot your fastball, and yes that means on the inside of the part as well. I realized that just because i was topping out at 88 freshman year of college didnt mean i pitched 88. It was hard to come to terms with but I was a better pitcher when my fastball was at 84-86 because i had much better control. I currently play pro ball and my fastball can reach 93 but my average velo is 87-89 which is definitely enough to get hitters out.

If you believe in yourself and just focus on hitting your spots than the outcome will not matter. The only thing you can control is your emotion and how you prepare for your game. If your happy with the effort you put into it than you should be fine. Good luck with your tryout.

I’m assuming your going to a walk on tryout.

If this is the case, throw the tar out of the ball. If your really 6’5, and can top at 91, then show it and you’ll be fine for any school in floridy. If that 91 is really 86, then there’s a big difference.