College and grades question

Is it even possible to get into a D1 college for baseball if your GPA in school was awful? I am only going to have a little over a 2.0, but that is certainly not a reflection on how smart I am. I simply got lazy and also suck at tests. I think I will score a very good score on the SAT’s, but not sure how much of a difference that would make. Anyone?

Well most D1 colleges don’t like lazy people. If you can’t do good in high school why would they want you? If you really want a good answer of exact grades and such you’d need to ask someone else.

Don’t think colleges want to risk scholarships on players who are likely to become academically inelligable. Not sure they’d even want to risk a roster spot even if no scholarship is involved - unless you’re the stud of the century.

Yeah scholorship is out of the question, I know. I just hope that anywhere D1 will talk to my coach and decide to give me a shot. My coach always says I’, super smart, just not the school type of person, which is true. So, maybe my coach can help do a little convincing, because I could easily get A’s if I actually worked hard. My problem is working hard for the entire year.

By all means work with your coach and let him pursue any connections he may have. And do what ever you can to help yourself grade-wise. That will help you in the long run and it will show a positive sign to any coaches who might give you consideration. Good luck.

Try to improve your grades or else Division 1 colleges won’t take you unless you’re the next Nolan Ryan.

Anything is possible. I knew a guy in college who was dumb as a stump but got in because his fiance’s dad had connections. With 5 years of sacrifice, hard work, and loads of tutoring, the guy graduated and drove up to our reunion this year driving a Beamer.

That said, playing at D1 level requires you to maintain your eligibility academically. That means good grades not just to get in, but to stay in. Its something like a 2.5 to play, which seems reasonable until you take into account that you will have to work (baseball scholarships are not like football full rides, and they typically don’t give out very many) and also put in a full workday on your baseball too. So if you work, go to school, and play baseball it will be like two full time and one part time jobs all at the same time. The lazy man need not apply.

If you are as smart as you say, you should be able to make a go of it…but only if you are willing to do everything it takes to succeed.

Good luck and have fun!