College Advice

6’1 215lbs. 12% bf

In high school I was a bit of a late bloomer. I didn’t become a good varsity starter until my senior year in which I was our staff ace and acumulated around 60 innings, 60 k’s, 10 walks, and an ERA a hair above 2. I was 6-1.

My velocity sat around 76-79 with movement on fastball. 68-71 mph change that I had good command of. And a show me curveball that wasn’t all too effective. I was a master of moving the ball around the zone and attacking hitters.

Unfortunately I had committed to a DII school on a golf scholarship and could not get out of my National Letter of Intent. I had recieved some attention from DIII and some small DII schools but could not talk to them because of my commitment.

I have since transferred home to my local community college and am continuing my baseball career. I have accumulated a 3.75 gpa so far at my old college and at my community college.

I started throwing bullpens about a month ago and threw my first clocked bullpen on saturday.

My velocity was sitting at 84-86 mph topping out at 88. My command was excellent with a good amount of tail away from right handed hitters.

My change up was about 8 mph slower on average than my fastball with late downward bite.

My curveball has been the biggest surprise, my winter work finding a consistent arm slot and consisten release spot has given me a much more effective 12-6 curve that I’ve been throwing with confidence.

So guys what would you advise for a LEFT-HANDED pitcher throwing between 84-88 mphs who is also very dedicated to the weight room and classroom. When should I begin contacting coaches, what’s the time table for such things.

NOW ! That’s awesome news. Your hard work and dedication will be appreciated by many coaches. Oh, and your velocity won’t hurt! Great job and keep up the excellent work. Equally impressive is your g.p.a.

I would suggest talking to anyone you know in the area about colleges. A golf scholarship shouldn’t effect baseball, not sure but I think it’s two different areas, and your coach for golf should understand. As for your stuff, it’s good enough to pitch at a good D1-D2 JUCO. From there, your future is in your hands. What area are you from? I might know some coaches or scouts in that area if it’s in the area where I’m from.

Man talk abou8t makin an old mans day…Tanner…how the heck are ya?

Man, it has been a while. I am great, I’m in my final year in college and doing very good. Still got a chance for something after this year. I am going to try get on here more. I have been away way too long!

thank you for the replies guys. I’m what you could call a late bloomer I guess.

I was at a DII school in connecticut on a golf scholarship but have left there and am currently attending a juco. I have been released from my commitment to my National Letter of Intent which helps expediate the process.

I’m from eastern pennsylvania. As of now I’m just weighing my options financially, academically, and athletically.

It’s weird how life changes so suddenly. 5 months ago I was competing in college golf tournaments bothered by the fact that my baseball career for the most part was over. Now I feel my love for the game is totally rekindled. Money can’t buy happiness but baseball sure can.

What should be my next step. I understand continuing to perform in the classroom is crucial and working out is an obsession for me so that won’t waiver.

Should I be filling out preliminary questionaires for universities or directly emailing and calling. I’ve gone through the golf recruiting process but know nothing about baseball’s.

I would fill out both the questionaires and call coaches. Make yourself known. It will show determination and persistence, something all coaches love.

That’s the opposite place of where I know people or coaches. Maybe try play in a summer league or something if you can’t find anything. Also, emailing or questionaires from college coaches work awesome. I don’t know any JUCO’s in that area at all really.

I filled out about 10 questionaires last night.

Some DIII, DII, and the University of West Virginia.

Tanner: I’m already at a JUCO right now, so I’ve at least solidified a place to play for myself.