Collapsing front leg

hey guys

Ive got sum foto’s and in a previous topic( i think it was overstriding?) i noticed it aswell.

but anyways

my front leg(knee) collapses wich makes me drop down. how come? do i lose MPH on this? control( probably)?

here’s the pic wich u can see it quiet well on

and ending up like this

now the weird thing. it doesnt ALWAYS happen. i think i might have been tired by then

cuz this one looks better :

How to fix it, whats the problem etc. work outs to practice it??

tyvm for atleast reading :stuck_out_tongue:

one thing i just noticed!!

the burst photo’s show my leg kick is higher when my front knee doesnt collapse.

im not gonna post all of m. cuz its some what hard to see aswell

abt u guys askin’ for a video. some what hard im playing in the 1st team not in my own team ( they wanna place me in the first , yes yes finally :D)

video coming soon, my pitch coach bought a video cam specially for me since im the only one really prepared for hard working etc

anyways, would it be the leg kick ?