Coil Feeling

I was practicing at the field today with a brave friend who was batting against me and I stumble upon something when throwing to him and I want to get your feed back. As I started my stride to the plate, my shoulders turned back while my hips were driving to the plate, almost like I was coiling up. Is this the right feel? Is this correct? It feels so pronounced and weird.

Some pitchers show their number and some don’t. There’s nothing wrong with it. If it works for you, go for it.

This could be a good timing trigger for you. I suggested something similar to my son a couple of weeks ago but he didn’t like it very much. He said it was a bit much for the lower back. I’d watch out for counter rotating too much. Think about pinching your shoulder blades might give you the same effect, that being driving/rotating your hips toward the target while not letting the shoulders turn. Like Roger said, if it works…

[quote]It feels so pronounced and weird.[/quote]This could be a timing issue. Fluidity is key in mechanics. If there wasn’t a smooth connection of the parts, it will definitely feel “weird”. You have to ensure it’s not a 2 step process.

The whole delivery is not stuttered. It is fluid. My friend said that he didn’t notice anything. He said it looked like my regular delivery. I will try it out for a few weeks. It started happening after I really tried to get that hip to shoulder seperation going, which is very, very hard to do.

Give it a chance and see if you cen get comfortable with it. Any ime a pitcher makes an adjustment - no matter how small the adjustment is - it feels huge. Also, keep in mind that different pitchers get different amounts of separation due to their flexibility.

As DM said, increasing your separation could change your timing and that could make things feel wierd. This isn’t a given but it is a possibility. I also agree with DM that the timing change could be good in that it may cause you to keep the shoulders closed a bit longer and that may better prevent you from opening up early (not to imply you do that). But it will become more important that you not drop or pull the glove. With the shoulders taking more time to do their thing, the glove arm will have more time to kill and you don’t want it doing something to mess up your mechanics.