Coaching a side arm delivery 8 year old

We have just begun our season, we have had a couple of practices. My son is our starting pitcher and has really good mechanics for an 8 year old. He has been taking lessons from a friend of mine (he is a proffesional pitching coach) for about 18 months. I have paid close attention to his coaching and have learned alot from him and also from personal studies (like this web site).My son has a 3/4 delivery (about 10:30) and i have become his main pitching coach with lessons to make sure him and I are staying on track.

Any ways the manager of our team has designated me as pitching coach. I have one kid who has a really good arm but is very wild. He has a side arm delivery (about 9 o’clock). I really want to help him but I dont know if I should try to get his arm angle up or work with his natural arm angle. If we stick with his natural arm angle, are the mechanics the same or do you alter it? Part of keeping my son “over the plate” is keeping his elbow up and throwing on a downward plane. Im not sure how this would translate to a side arm pitcher.

Like I said I want to HELP this kid not just conform him. Any advice is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance. :?

If sidearm is the kid’s natural arm slot, the by all means leave it alone. Mechanics will be the same. Downward plane doesn’t apply. Stabilization of posture and controlling the glove side should help improve control. Also, make sure he’s not slow into foot plant. You want him quick enough into foot plant that he only has time to get the shoulders squared up to the plate and not get over-rotated.

Exactly! I remember when I was eleven years old and, while playing catch in the schoolyard during recess, I discovered that I had a natural sidearm delivery. A lot of things came easily to me, and later on my pitching coach saw that I had this natural delivery, so he worked with me and showed me how to make the most of it—how to use it to best advantage. I never had any arm or shoulder problems—the sidearm is actually the most natural of all pitching deliveries, and one can do things with it that cannot be done with any other type of delivery: for example, the crossfire, which I picked up on my own and just fell in love with!
So the thing to do with this eight-year-old is work on things like stabilization and glove-side control, and don’t mess with that natural delivery. :slight_smile: