Coaches risking kids arm

Had a tourney last week and saw 2 cases of abuse of a baseball players arm. Both of the kids were 15 years old. The 1st case happen the day I pitched Vs New York Diseal the other pitcher threw 120 pitches almost all fastballs. The coach had no regard to his players health they just wanted to win.

The 2nd case was the last game. Half way through the game there Ss started to rub his arm and he left the game and they shut him down and put Ice on it. The injury looked very seriuos and I was worriied for the players health {Hate to see injury since I had one}. The last inning it was a close game and they were up by one and needed someone to close the game out. They pulled that Ss that was injuried and had him pitch the last inning with a damaged shoulder. This was outrages to do to a kid that was in pain.

Coaches need to realize it’s only a baseball game not a life and death situation were his arm can spear someones life or something.

Ya I’ve seen something similar to the first case. It was our playoffs and the other team was throwing their ace. Our playoff format was double knockout and we had both lost a game already so loser was out and winner was off to next round. Our game was delayed because the younger kids game before us went to extras and the lights went out at 11pm. So we ended up playing 3 innings that night (we were up 3-1) and he has thrown about 65 pitches so far. We resumed the game the following morning and we took our starter out and put in another pitcher, they left their starter in. He ended up throwing 90-100 pitches the rest of the game which went to extras (we play 7 innings) where we eventually lost 8-7 :(. This kid (16yrs old) ended up throwing about 170 pitches.

I’ve also experienced something similar to the 2nd case. Last year I was pitching in a tournament and told my coach my arm was done and I had nothing left so he said ok and took me out then told me to go to 3rd. I said coach I can’t make that throw now, so he said okok go to RF. I just gave him a look, but he ended up sitting me. He was by no means a bad guy, he just didn’t know much about baseball. He wouldn’t give the relief pitchers time to warm up on the side between innings, once the starter got in a jam or was tired he’d just bring in the reliever from their position and have 5-10 warm up pitches and he’s set. This is the main reason why I no longer throw mid to high 80s and am only in the low 80s range now.

yea i think they should change the rules all the way up through high school. everyone should be on a pitch count and have mandatory days of rest. i know that a lot of guys will say they feel fine because they want the ball and want to win, but i know from experience that some guys dont realize the toll pitching will take on your arm…

last year was my senior year in high school and i made 10 starts and 2 relief appearances (in 22 games). i threw close to 100 pitches every start, some games all the way up to 130 pitches (not including warm ups, etc.). my shoulder was getting really sore and i thought it was nothing until i got a precautionary MRI. i tore my labrum, and had to redshirt this year in college.

i think they have a rule now for little league players?

We had a pitch count, well number of innings up until this year. It was something like if a pitcher pitched 6 or more innings in a day he couldn’t pitch till 48hrs later, but this was in tournaments only.