Coaches Calling Pitches


I couldn’t tell you how true that is. For example, Randy Johnson, back in the day his fastball was crusing, but could the hitters still hit good off of him? Yes. Now, lets say you got kid who crusies a ball in pretty well in 11U, he’s going to be hard to hit because when the kids looks at him they’re saying “Holy crap this guy throws fast.” And they are scared of him. Now, as you get older 13U - 14U you are able to have the mindset that, the fastest he pitches the farther it goes.

As they say, baseball is 90% mental and 10% physical.


Every pitcher is a different animal. I never called many of the pitches but it changed from player to player. For the most part every once in awhile in a tight spot I’d have a sign that would call the necessary pitch, in my opinion. Good coaches know how to adjust their teaching methods to the specific strengths or weaknesses of the player. I wouldn’t rule out a situation where the player needs pitches called all the time. But if you taught location over pitch type as a strategy, backed up with a solid defense and lots of positive reinforcement, I can’t see calling the pitch much at all. These kids are going to eventually have to make their own way. The sooner the better IMHO.


I totally agree with learning off-speed pitches early.Again–what level?Most rec leagues are weak.Throw strikes.Once again–when you are winning or losing big.When do you want to start letting a switch-hitter actually switch in games?Coaches want to control what scares them.An effective change is devastating at the right time without question,but all off-speed pitches are supposed to LOOK like fastballs,right?At 12 I think developing a consistent fastball for a strike is more important.How are you going to throw a batter off if he hasn’t seen the heater?Everybody wants a taste of winning,but when a game or season is clinched is a good time to have fun,especially if you’re serious about winning.They are kids…This could be discussed forever…I guess what I mean is–winning and development are possible together,but one will affect the other most likely.A good coach should balance this to develop when it will not affect the outcome…Clear the bench…MY OPINION…