Coach Woolforth's Program and Throwing Everyday

Hey guys. Thanks to everyone who posted on my question about boxing.

Anyway, it’s my goal to increase my fastball speed from 85-86 to 90 by June.

I bought Coach Woolforth’s Athletic Pitcher Program and have been going through his everyday for the past 3 weeks. This includes extensive arm care work and then weighted ball throwing. In addition to that, I do heavy long toss 3 times a week and throw 1 bullpen per week.

I’m sure that all sounds like a lot but Coach Woolforth says in his instructional video that it’s OK to do his routine everyday. With all the arm care/rotator cuff work I do, combined with icing and heat packs, I haven’t been experiencing a sore arm. But what I have noticed is that during my bullpen, my arm just feels really heavy and dead and that I’m not reaching my peak velocity.

So my question is, would it be better to throw heavy every other day to give my arm 48 hours rest? Or do you think that the dullness is just a my body adjusting to the new routine and that it will begin to strengthen again after this period of breaking down?

There are so many theories about increasing velocity that it’s tough to know where to turn. Some coaches say that a pitcher needs lots of rest between throwing sessions, while others (like Woolforth) basically say that you can throw everyday provided you take care of your arm. As a Red Sox fan (not to alienate any knowledgable New Yorkers) I’ve also been reading about the new Japanese pitcher, Matsuzaka, who says that he used to throw up to 250 pitches a day when he was in high school.

Anyway, what’s anyone else’s take on my routine?

The “dead arm” you’re feeling sounds like the result of the new routine, probably fatigue. As long as you’re not feeling any sharp pains, or pains in the joints, you’re probably OK.

I’ve read and heard a lot about Woolforth but have not seen anyone doing the program first-hand. That said, I’m very curious to hear about your progress and results. Please keep us posted.

i dont know this for a fact but i heard weighted balls do nothing for you … i dont know for sure because i never used them but its just something i heard :?:

Whether weighted balls work or not is a matter of opinion. They work differently for every pitcher. Personally I had great results with them amd I still use them in my throwing routine. Just make sure your mechanics are solid.

Right. I’ve also made some good progress with weighted balls.

I guess my main concern is whether I’m giving my arm enough time to recover from throwing sessions or is it beneficial to throw everyday.

One thing I’m thinking is that maybe some sort of supplement could help me with such a rigorous throwing program? I know that a lot of people who lift weights use supplements specifically to speed up muscle recovery time. Would any kind of supplements speed up the recovery time for the arm muscles that I put so much stress on from throwing?

You could try Glutamine, fish oil, or other things. I haven’t tried Glutamine personally, but I have heard good things. Fish oil works well to lessen inflammation. One of the most overlooked things would be to get your diet in order and eat plenty of protein and carbs following a strenuous workout (pitching or lifting).