Coach wants us to do these workouts

Hey everyone, my lower back is feeling better after my doctor said i should stretch ot every day. i want to start up some conditioning next week, and our team had a meeting last week. our coach handed out a packet off a program he wanted us to use. my question is, do you think they make sense? i was thinking of doing the first phase for a few weeks, as it seems short and not too difficult coming off an injury. what do you guys think?

Phase One is a waste of time and also has some contraindicated lifts in it (upright rows are pretty bad).

Phase Two is fine, but overhead pressing is probably not the best idea for baseball athletes in general.

Phase Three is alright.

It’s far better than most HS/College programs. But that’s not saying a lot.

im not sure what i should start doing for workouts, considering tryouts are in 8 weeks. I feel like i need some more conditioning under my belt first. i own tuffcuff, but im not sure which phase i should do

Contact Steven directly. He is extremely helpful with matters regarding TuffCuff.

Thanks kyle

It’s important to remember that weight training, conditioning and throwing are a year round thing, not a destination. So you don’t need to get too caught up with what Phase to begin with here in January. Phase 1 and 2 will get you pointed in the right direction. Then, when the season begins, you can jump right to Phase 5. Just get started on the 60-day throwing program if you haven’t already!

thanks alot steven, i appreciate it