Coach telling me to get my arm up

i throw from low 3/4, almost sidearm and everyone says to come over the top :?

do i listen or do i just nod along and keep doing what im doing

i dont get arm pain if that helps

Who is this “everyone person”?
Does he say it because you are ineffective?
Does he say it because you complain of arm soreness?
Has he said why he’s said it?
Do you think YOU need to listen? Or lose game time, or a shot at the hot chick in the third row, or not be able to make friends?
I’d say if this “everyone person” can’t give you a good reason…AND it won’t ruin your chances of playing…OR your arm health…I’d tell him to pack sand and have a nice day. :wink:
Keep in mind…if you are in a competitive situation…(For a spot in the rotation) and it’s your coach…you may want to talk about it with him…find out what the deal is…when you know what he thinks, you’ll know what way to go. We can sit here and cheer you on and all of a sudden you’re on the bench and hate our guts.


he says its to promote arm health and get more movement on the ball… which from my understanding the lower arm slot your are the more movement you get

it has nothing to do with ineffectiveness, im already in the rotation and it wont cost me playing time

and i might have exaggerated on the ‘everyone’ … it was like, 3 ppl :roll:

dad, a guy i know who played pro ball in south africa as a pitcher :shock:

and the assistant coach on the rep team

none of which, with the exception of south africa dude, i believe have much pitching knowledge at all

so im printing off pictures of hard throwing low 3/4 hurlers to show him :slight_smile:

As one of my favorite Canukes Red Green would say…“Duct tape is the handymans helper”…er no wait…
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Anyway, talking it through is how you get more and more mature…as the Australians say…“Good-on-ya” :smiley:

I have the distinct impression that this coach has an agenda.
You throw from a low 3/4 to sidearm angle, and it doesn’t bother your arm and shoulder any, and you’re effective with your stuff. I say, keep on doing what you’re doing, and tell your coach—politely, of course—to put a sock in it. My pitching coach, many years ago, had a basic tenet: that every pitcher has a natural motion. And what he would do would work with that pitcher and help him—or, in my case, her—to make the most of it. I was a natural sidearmer with a consistent release point, and although I wasn’t fast I could throw hard and I used a slide-step. And my coach—an active major league pitcher—worked with me and helped me refine such things as the crossfire, which I had picked up on my own and was using effectively, and he told me many things about strategic pitching and how to use it.
So I would say, stick to what’s comfortable and what’s working for you. 8)

There better be a darned good reason to mess with someone’s arm slot. I haven’t heard you mention one yet. :wink:

[quote=“jdfromfla”]As one of my favorite Canuks Red Green would say…[/quote]Hey, I though I was your favorite Canuk! :freezing:
He also said “…if they can’t find you handsome, they might as well find you handy.” Lots of Canuks in that post there jd. I’m impressed. :stuck_out_tongue: Eh?

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