Coach - take the job or leave it


You’ve been approached and asked to be the pitching coach in a very competitive league. The organizers of one of the top three clubs has asked you to be their pitching coach. This would be a good opportunity for you and your career, seeing how every coach in this amateur league has gone on to take a paying position in the college ranks.

Here’s what you’re waling into:

  • There are no experienced pitchers going into this season. All the experienced pitchers have moved on.
  • Every pitcher that is now on the roster has been preselected by the leaders of the organizers of the club.
    -There are no backstops yet who have signed up to play, and there’s three weeks before the preseason starts.
    -The organizers of this club are the vice president of the local bank, the owner of three car dealerships, and one of the town selectmen. All are alumni of the state university. This is the university that has hired all prior coaches wanting a college coaching career.

The club has access to a private field and clubhouse, batting cages, bullpens and weight room. In addition, the clubhouse has a display room filled with prior years trophies and championship banners.

You’ve been given a free hand and good size checkbook to do what you have to do. It’s all up to you coach, should you accept the job.

Well, how about coach, shall we welcome you aboard to another winning season, The organizers have a nice space reserved for this year’s trophy with your name one it!


Not without a clear understanding of the word “rebuild”.:grin: