Coach Ron Wolforth

WOW he from what I’ve seen is one of the biggest wasted programs out on the market from just watching one clip lol. There are far more effective way to increase MPH and keep a strong arm.

I would like all who want to look at a crazy video to go to this link and click on th video

what do you think of Ron Wolforth???

Actually there are a couple things in there that are productive. The agility ladder is used I’m sure by most professional orgs, as well as some of those dynamic throws, and med ball throws.

Well there is alot that isn’t lol yes ladder is ok and med-ball is the best but some of the other stuff is just crazy. I know what a workout to increase MPH should look like with plyo’s and leg exercises but he is so weird.

What don’t you like about what you saw. I saw some interesting things. I particularly was impressed by the explosiveness of that young kid throwing the ball. Very nice.

Well with a workout you need some weight lifting for the older kids. You need explosive power with a good flexibility program. Also you need to break down the pitcher and then re build his CNS {central nervous system} by using complex training. Also there are the good and the bad to his program what I see. Looks like he has to many exercises that are not what the average pro athlete will use to create more fast twitch mucles fibers.

Things I do like is the ladder drills and cone drills.

I think Wolforth’s program is as good as it gets. It’s also supposed to be used in conjunction with a regular lifting program.

Actually there are alot of pro pitchers that I’ve seen do ALOT of what is demonstrated in that video. You’d be surprised that alot of pro pitchers lift the upper body minimally. Yes the lower body is lifted heavy, but there are alot of good exercises in the video.

I just think there is alot of wasted time in the program and it could be used better with training like a workout like Tuff Cuff or something centerfielder does or something more productive.

Just from watching that video, I like a lot of the exercises.

Honestly RIStar, where do you draw your expertise from? You’ve changed your philosophy on pitching and strength training more times than motels change their sheets. I understand that you are fanatical about pitching, but you arent an expert. You keep telling people that you understand what a workout needs, but do you really? Have you studied physiology, exercise science and anatomy? Do you have years of training athletes under your belt? Probably not, since you are still a young guy yourself.

All I’m saying is just to have an open mind when you look at stuff rather than trying to downplay anything that is different from your conception of effective workouts. The more sources you are exposed to the more you learn and adapt it to your own training.

I understand KC. But this program is a waste for a pitcher. I think it might be a great program for a fielder but I don’t like the concept of it as a pitcher. KC what do you think about this program?

RiStar, there you go again closing yourself off.

This is not a waste for a pitcher. These are exercises that are used in professional baseball. I’ve done alot of these myself. If you couple this workout with a lifting program and some long toss I think it’s a solid deal.

I don’t think it’s the best thing for pitchers But that is your oppion I have mine and everyone has theres. I’m not cornering my self off I just don’t like some of his or alot of his exericses.

Fair enough RiStar. That’s a better response.

I use some of Coach Wolforth’s stuff with my pitchers, so maybe I’m a little biased. But I think it’s important to remember one thing when looking at the video and his programs. He believes in the idea of the pitcher as an athlete and believes anything that helps a person become a better athlete will help him become a better pitcher. If you look at some of the exercises in the video, they help in a lot of areas beyond the obvious ones, like arm strength.

We all have our own opinions, as we should. But I think it’s wise to keep an open mind when it comes to pitching. Some theories that coaches and players swore by 20 years ago have since been scrapped. New ideas pop up all the time and I think we owe it to ourselves to at least consider them on some level. It doesn’t mean we have to use every idea, but at least take the time to view each idea with an open mind.

I didnt see anything the video that I would call a waste. The agility ladder, running in the sand pit, and other things are all used by professional strength coaches.

Someone mentioned it already, but exercises designed to increase athleticism are effective and cross over into more specific avenues such as pitching (or whatever activity you do). Being more agile, or having more body/spatial awareness can be harnessed to aid in sports performance. Not to mention the obvious benefits when it comes to fielding your position.

it’s hard to argue with success. coach wolforth has over 30 players who throw 90+ and a first round draft choice. i have his athletic pitcher program and a large part of it is good. sometimes it goes over the top, but he gets results and his guys stay healthy. that speaks for itself.

we strained a rotator cuff throwing weighted balls and have taken a little more conservative approach, but we still throw and throw a lot. most guys do too much weightlifting (and the wrong “hollywood” muscle lifts) and not enough throwing. there is no substitute for throwing a baseball. if you are working on something or building arm strength you must throw at least 3 days per wee. you must throw 2 days per week to maintain what you have.

most pitchers pitch too much, and not throw enough.

With any program, it is important to separate the intent from the implementation. For example, take one of the drills in that video and determine what the intent is and whether that is appropriate/beneficial. Then decide whether the actual implementation of the drill is good for achieving the intent. It may be good or there may be better drills for achieving the same intent. A drill could even be so bad as to be dangerous.

The agility ladders are used mostly as a warm up, but they also teach body control and athleticism. The entire warm up procedure is fantastic and it takes from many different sources such as Mark Verstegen of Athlete’s Performance.

I think some of the pitching specific workouts are great. The lateral plyos and angled plyo box step ups are perfect for pitching and also teach how to pelvic load or simply lead with the hips (probably the most common advice on this board). All of the medicine ball work puts a pitcher through similar movements that he’ll find on the mound. I think the best part about them in this program is that everything is measured, from velocity of a med ball throw to number of med ball taps against the wall. This helps to show improvement and to make sure that the workout is being performed at a high level.

The arm care section is basically a full rehab program using tubing, 2 lb sand ball, mini trampoline, bodyblade and other techniques. I think every pitcher should perform some sort of rehab program every offseason to prevent injury.

The backward chaining section helps to develop arm action and full body movements while starting at release and building up toward throwing off a mound. It uses some weighted and underload balls, but it’s definitely a nice progression to use before pitching. Long toss is encouraged in a similar way that Alan Jaeger teaches.

All together seems like a very good pitcher specific program that can be used with some weight lifting to provide great results.

What are your reasons RIstar for not liking the drills. You should give us a reason instead of just saying there bad drills. For example I dont think a hula hoop is a good exercise, what is its purpose for pitching. But I could see using it with young kids just to have some fun and gets them to consentrate on something.

My son has been busting his rear at Ron Wolforth’s training facility on steady basis for over three years. He loves it and the results have been good. It is a place that is for the dedicated only. As the old saying goes,
“you get out of it what you put in to it”. The workouts and training are
are intense . Just my two cents.