Coach pitch bats

I may be posting this in the wrong area, if so please direct me to the correct one.
Anyways my son plays Pony baseball in the pinto national division (7-8 year olds). We played a team that was using a Easton speed stealth coach pitch bat (there is no coach pitch in our league). It says right on the bat “coach pitch only” and “not recommended for real baseballs”. One of their kids (#7 batter) hit a shot right at our third baseman and missed his face by about three inches. It was hit so hard the kid never had a chance to get his glove up. I have never seen an 8 year old hit the ball so hard. I brought it up to the ump, but he said it was o.k. to use. I checked the rules, but it doesnt say anything about this type of bat. It really concerns me especially if a ball is hit back at the pitcher. Does anybody no the official rule on this.

Pony League’s bat rule (8C) says only that bats cannot exceed 2-3/4 inches in diameter, and that T ball bats cannot be used in player, coach, or machine pitch. It says nothing about “coach pitch” bats being used in other than coach pitch. So, if this kids’ “coach pitch” bat is 2-3/4 inches in diameter or less, it’s probably legal.

I think Little League is right in this regard in limiting bats to 2-1/4 inches in diameter: they’re safer and, with a smaller sweet spot, demand a better swing from the batter. :smiley:

Usually when a bat says not recommended for real baseballs, its because the bat isnt designed to withstand the impact. In other words, the bat will dent very easily. Its not a safety issue ( well any more of a safety issue than any metal bat). When my son moved from T ball ( the soft “safety balls”) to coach pitch (real hard balls) his T ball bat only made it thru 1/3 of a season before it was unusable.

Let me try to say this another way, because i think im muddling the message. Bat manufacturers stamp a bat “not for use with real baseballs” because the bat technology in that bat isnt designed to withstand the impact of real baseballs repeatedly. The alloys or composites they use for these bats are not top of the line. If that 8 yr old had been using a bat designed for real baseballs, the alloys or composites would have been top of the line, and most likely that line drive that almost hit your player would have been hit harder.

EDIT: I might not know what im talking about. Just checked out the Stealth CP bat. Looks like its pretty similar to the regular LL Stealth. I cant figure, though, why else a bat would be for CP only. Except as a marketing ploy, but we all know the bat manufacturers wouldnt do that :slight_smile:

I agree, i think all leagues need to take a look at the bat issue. My issue with this is I know this kid, he played on my sons travel ball team last year. He is a good hitter but not like this. I sent an email to the league president, I have not heard anything back yet. I just dont know how a bat that says coach pitch only is leagal in a kid pitch league.

I dont know, the whole team was using this bat and it had a tremendous amount of pop. I looked at the bat after the game, and it seemed to have a very thin wall. I play adult softball and alot of guys will have the bats “shaved” in order to create a bigger trampoline effect, which is not legal. I think this is the same thing. I went into a local baseball store and was talking to the owner. I asked him which bats have the most pop, he pointed me to the coach pitch bats. He even stated that these bats should only be used in shetland or t-ball divisions. He agreed that this bat would be dangerous in kid pitch league. If I got my son this bat he probably would hurt somebody. He is close to getting out of a 180’ field with a Triton right now. He would probably hit the ball 200+ with that bat.The bat says for 7 years old and younger. Our league is 7-8 year olds. :?

The Stealth bat i looked at online was a -12 drop (26 inch 14 oz) There are plenty of -12 bats that are made for levels above CP. I cant imagine why a bat would be specified for CP only. There is no reason i can think of why Easton would make their CP bats MORE technologically advanced than their other youth bats.

I dont think its more advanced, I think its just thin wall. I heard its a 6 month bat.

Here is a couple quotes quotes from Easton about their coach pitch bat.
"(*Recommended for use by 7 years old and younger)" “The Stealth BCNCP1 is designed only for Coach Pitch youth baseball leagues”

OK i think i see now. The stealth CP bat is a -12 big barrel. I was comparing it to non big barrels. I still dont think it probably makes THAT much of a difference, but i guess i wasnt there.

Once, my then 7 year old hit a line drive back at our adult pitcher that struck him on the left thigh, about midway between his knee and waist. Broke his cell phone :slight_smile: That pitcher was an ex major league pitcher, only like 4 years removed from playing in the bigs. He said that was the first time he had ever been hit by a batted ball. At any level. The bat my son used: A 50 dollar regular barrel bat i got off the clearance rack at Dick’s.

My point? There are some big strong kids who will hit the crap out of a baseball, even if all they have is a lead pipe. Its not always the bat. But again i wasnt there, so what do i know?


I Know, I have one. My son plays travel ball and he has played many tournaments. I seen my share of rockets. This was different. I equate it to a rocket from a 13 year old. I have never seen an 8 year old hit the ball so hard.