Coach Not Giving Help In The Pen

Today 4 of our pitchers including me threw bullpens, I went last. Our coach spoke with the other three all the way through their sessions and was helping them and giving them advice.

When I went to throw he left and hit ground balls to the middle infielders (which our assistant coach was previously doing) and I just threw mine to a catcher without any input from him.

I don’t know why he did that. Is it because I’m just not important enough, because he doesn’t think I need the help or because he just wanted to work with the SSs and 2Bs? I’m puzzled by his actions a little bit.

hey dude. Don’t feel bad at all. The main reason why he didn’t do any input for you is because you are probaly the best out of the 4. Come on am i right are you a good pitcher? Chances are that you were probaly doing your mechanics well and thought, “hey this kid is good”.

Same thing with me at practice. Coach tells me that i am not going to pitch live. Just for the simple reason that i am already on a 5 day plan. My mechanics are good and my arm is ready to go.
So ya dude don’t feel bad at all. Embrace it and just keep working hard.
Don’t let anyone stop you. Show them on the field.
Hope everything goes well bud.

Pustulio—my guess is that you didn’t need any help. Now, in the major leagues, just about every team has a bullpen coach. Yours probably doesn’t, and the guy who left may have thought that the infielders needed more work. So, don’t worry about it. In effect, you can be, and probably are, your own bullpen coach, so just throw to your catcher, and if he spots something he can tell you and the two of you can work it out. :slight_smile:

Your observations serve you well. Your attention span, with respect to what’s going on around you is excellent. I’d like to put some added value to that attention span and your observations.

The title of “Pitching Coach”, is a term that’s used rather loosely in the amateur game. These people wear many, many hats. In addition, in the Independent League(s), there’s no such thing as a singular discipline coach, mostly, everybody does a little bit of everything.

So, as would be expected, a man’s attention span can be stretched a bit - no, make that a lot. The gears are always whirling upstairs, trying to put the best spin on what needs attention when and where. Sometimes, I’ve been so wrapped up with something that had nothing to do with the moment, that I’ve had to regroup in a hurry and refocus on what’s what.

Just because someone has a title as a Pitching Coach, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s their main focus - it’s not. A coach on a ball club has to be a jack-of-all-trades. Heck, I’ve done purchasing and receiving, a little bit of grounds keeping, equipment inventories, first aid & CPR certification, third base coach (stunk at that), catching coach, part time security after home games, and assisting the club secretary with administration for away games - like accommodations and meal planning. I even got my Commercial Driver’s license with a passenger’s endorsement just in case our driver(s) decided not to make it. Oh, and let’s not forget laundry machines that breakdown … knowing how to turn a wrench comes in real handy.

Then there’s tryouts and invitations where players are subjected to opinions and selection. If I was one of the coaches that put his stamp on a man, sometimes that would be a distraction for me seeing that he lived up to it. It happens.

In any event, if your doing your thing in the pen and a coach waltzes away to do something else - count your blessings. Evidently, he didn’t see anything worth making life miserable for you, which by the way, you’ll feel later on, when a coach does steps in. Sometimes coaches just don’t know when to shut-up. I’ve been told that from time to time.

You’ll do just fine.

Coach B.

I wouldn’t read into it too much. Unfortunately, at the high school level there’s so few coaches to go around that it can become difficult to give every kid undivided attention. As long as you know what goals you have for a particular bullpen or practice, you should be able to execute your plan with or without your coach around.

Yeah (even though Wyoming doesn’t have H.S. ball [Legion]) younger age groups have trouble giving everyone help, I know this we only have two coaches and we would’ve had three if there was a way to get a hold of this third guy.

I guess you’re right I should just not worry about it.