Coach Kreber

you said that you were an assistant coach at a high school in omaha, i understand that people in nebraska are just amazing at baseball. My question is that i throw about mid 70’s, a good fielder, and a pretty decent batter, but my coach has favorites on the team and cut me on freshman and sophmore year, im definitely going to try again this year but what if i get cut again then what should i do. Also, even if i do make the team my school isnt really that huge on their sports so what do you think is a good way to get noticed?



That is a tough question about your coach. I am sure I have been labeled with the charge of having favorites. And I am guilty of doing it. My question to you is,“How do you become one of his favorites?” At Central, we have 6AM weight training every single day. My favorite players are the ones who show up to those sessions. Let me tell you, there are not many at these sessions, maybe around 10 players from 9-12th grade. These players have made a solid commitment and have a lot invested into our baseball team. Some guys that show up have been 3 year varsity starters, others have not played a single HS game yet. These are the ones that are putting themselves on the line, becasue they haven’t even made the team yet. Are you putting yourself on the line? Have you talked to your coach about the situation?

If you need a Plan B, is there other HS in the area to transfer to before your senior year? Is there summer HS, Legion, or Rec baseball to play in your area? Check around and see if you can attend some college camps in your area. In the meantime, talk to your coach and set some goals for yourself. Check your radar gun reading and 60 time. Try to hit 80 MPH by Christmas. Try to run a 7.0 60 time. These are quantative measures that your coach cannot argue. I wish you the best of luck.

Coach Kreber

coach kreber im 14 going into freshman ball next year and last year our team won r division(11-1).i pitched most the time but i dont throw that hard on average i throw low to mid 50’s. our coach i no will talk to the freshman coach about the eighth graders coming up.i want to no how to get my fastball up 5 to 10 mph and impress my freshman coach.any help greatly appreciated. not sure how to spell it