coach has us throwing EVERYDAY

My coach has us play catch and play long toss every day. Even the days after we pitch when we are sore. Is this a good thing or bad thing?

long toss the day after pitching and your arm hurts really bad idea imo

Depending on how many pitches were thrown, and how your arm feels are the main factors in how much you should throw if at all the next day. Typically the day after pitching I would, depending on how my arm felt, would range anywhere from 60 to 120 feet, nothing more. Some days I wouldn’t throw at all, just do my band, rotator cuff, and prehab work. I wouldn’t recommend long tossing past 120 feet and keep it exactly that, tossing.

My pitching coach used to tell me, “Throw every day.” He—and a few others—firmly believed that this was the best way to keep the arm loose and flexible. What I would do was throw between starts, alternating between just playing catch for about twenty minutes and doing a bullpen session, during which time I would work on some aspect of my mechanics, or work on a new pitch, or refining an existing one. And if I had to relieve between starts, that counted as “throwing every day”. And I never had a sore arm or a sore shoulder or a sore anything else. :slight_smile: 8)

I wish we threw everyday. I think my arm would be in better shape if our team did.

well there’s a difference between throwing everyday and pitching everyday… the latter is bad, while the first topic is still up for debate.

On our team, our coach often has our pitchers throw bullpens back to back, or even 3 days in a row, and typically at least 60 pitches worth… that in my opinion is a horrible idea.

An idea that i don’t mind however is throwing everyday, so that’s light toss, long toss, etc. on days that you are recovering or days before a start. Maybe if you have a long time before your next outing you throw a bullpen session, or a simulated game, etc. Throwing everyday is not the issue in my opinion, the issue is throwing to competitively or with high velocity to everyday (or just to often in general).

I also feel though that some days a light toss or a long toss won’t do much for you, and you’d be better off just shutting it down for the day, particularly after an extended outing or back to back outings.