Coach has us throwing EVERYDAY

My coach has us play catch and play long toss every day. Even the days after we pitch when we are sore. Is this a good thing or bad thing?

Some coaches believe in this approach, some don’t. I know rasmus the centerfield for st Louis, his dad makes his team throw everyday all year. The year that he won national coach of the year, coach rasmus had 6 pitchers on his team throwing 90 plus. Also said that their arms never bothered them. I have also heard that lincecum throws long toss after his starts. I believe it is said to help recovery and soarness

Quite a few coaches believe in throwing every day—but they don’t believe in overdoing it. Between starts I used to alternate between just playing catch and doing a bullpen session, and if I had to relieve between starts that counted as throwing “every day”. The whole point is really to keep the arm loose and flexible, as Ed Lopat and Johnny Sain used to say, and later on Leo Mazzone. I never had any trouble. 8)

Your not going to like it now because it sounds like your not used to such a high volume of throwing, but trust me, stick with it, and later this year you’ll be thanking your coach. The only day I don’t longtoss is the day before a start, just take 30 or so throws to get loose and call it quits. But day after is 250+ foot day for me, I’m always more sore after that than after I actually pitch. Second and third days same deal.

If you’ve never been on such a program, your arm strength, stamina, and recovery time are all going to go through the roof.

Thanks guys that helps a lot.