Coach decided to give me a chance at pitcher position!

I will be playing in the first leag again, with my old club.

I told coach that I wanted to become a pitcher this season. He said that he needs to see how fast I can throw first.

So all he wants from me is to see how fast I can throw. That will probably decide will he coach me to be a pitcher or not.

Little history: I was called for some 2nd leag team to be a pitcher, and I didnt care much since players are really bad in that leag. But now I will be playing for my old club again (in 1st leag), and players there are much better. Note: I am from Europe, one small country (8 milion peopple).

So I tought you guys have some tips for me? I practised a lot. He will give me a chance to prove myself in 3 days (if it dosent rain).

I am a bit nervus alredy.

is this a very highly competitive league with guys who aspire to be professionals?

If not, than I don’t think your coach has the right idea in judging your potential and skills based simply on how fast you throw.


if your coach want to know how fast you throw show him how fast you throw and don’t say you dont have to throw hard to be good unless he thinks you dont throw hard enough.

Why does every coach want to see how fast people throw? What happend to hitting spots. I dont throw hard. (low-mid 80s) but I hit spots and mix it up a lot. Its just as effective. Sorry but it gets to me when I hear a coach ask well how fast can you throw.

'Cuz it all starts with the heater. You can teach a pitcher how to mix it up, and even to hit his spots, but it’s much more difficult to teach velocity. There are certainly things you can do to max out your potential velocity, but everyone’s maximum is limited by their physiology. The old saw, “You can’t teach speed” isn’t as true today as it used to be, but still carries some validity. Therefore, every coach is going to want to see you bring it.

To some guys yes, but to a lot of other guys they never get off the heater.

What you coach should be looking for is a thing called live ball quotient. How much your ball moves in relation to how fast its coming. If your guy only cares about velocity, he doesn’t know didly squat!

We have a guy on our team (highschool freshman) who only gets it up there in the mid 60’s, but his fastball darts, and dives. He has a baffling change up, and a double nasty drop curve. He struck 4 guys in two innings yesterday and only threw fastballs although he did vary between sinking and rising. Why. because his fastball is live!

Your guy would have never given him the time of day and in essense turned down a good pitcher!


I don’t recall anyone saying they would turn down a guy who didn’t throw hard. There are other considerations besides how fast you throw a ball. What I was saying is that every coach is going to want to see how hard you throw. If you have other attributes (like the pitcher on your team) then you’ll likely stick somewhere.

Because it’s the only really objective way of measuring a pitcher’s ability. Things like movement and hitting ones spots can be very subjective. It can also be hard to know whether they’ll work at the next level.

Velocity generally does (but not always).

I don’t get the impression that Nikae is playing in an incredibly comptetitive league where most fastballs are 88-93… so the coachs remark about speed is silly … but he may not have said it as anything more than just some off the cuff remark, like ‘lets see what ya got kid, throw me that chedder’ etc.

No, most fastballs around here are something like 70-80. I cant really tell without radar gun, but I dont think anyone even throws close to 80.
I didnt include pitcher that came here from domenican republic, he throws in middle to high 80s I think.

Anyways, coach still didnt give me chance to pitch, insted he puts me on short stop when we pratctice. Dont know why he does that now, since I mostly played outfield, and SS is position that he plays at (yes our coach is a player also).

I really dont like to ask him to much, we will see what position he will put me at in a game that we have in about 6-7 days (friendly game).

EDIT: May I use this topic to ask one question? :slight_smile: Why pitcher needs to keep his fingers on the ball when he breaks his heands? I ask that since not all good pitcher do it. Juan Marichal gets under the ball…