Coach calling catcher..... come-in catcher

Well, just when ya think ya saw it all

A relative of mine who coaches a youth team called me last night and asked if it was ok to use a transmitter/receiver in the catcher’s helmet?

My first response was, “why would you?”

As it turned out, a catcher on a club his youngsters were competing against, had a receiver in his catcher’s helmet. This youngster’s coach would radio instructions, or something like that. The umpire thought he was hearing voices or something, and halted play about three or four times in one inning, thinking there was someone standing right next to him. (Kind-a funny if you ask me, gott-a start drinking better stuff blue)

Any who … everything came to a screeching halt when they found the youngster wired. Then somebody made an off-handed remark about somebody’s mother and it was “gentlemen start your engines”. I asked if anybody took video of this circus, but no.

In any event, has anyone ever been to a game where this happened. It’s totally against the protocols of baseball, and totally bogus to anything remotely associated with this kind of thing.

Coach B.

If the ump could hear it, I wonder what the batter was thinking or even paying attention to.

Never been around it before, could see why some coaches would be trying this though. It is a lot quicker than relaying signs.

But still wtf thats just kind of being lazy.