Coach asks for my transcript-what does it mean?

What does it mean when a college coach asks you to send them your transcript? Does it mean that they are really interested? Or is it not a big deal?..Since they’ve asked for the transcript and they’ve already seen me play before, what does this mean? What will they do with the transcript? Any advice?

It means they want to know your grades.

If i understand the question correctly you’re not asking what a transcript is, moreso whether it means the coach is interested.

Coaches like to pull players who have good grades for a couple of reasons…
a. (if division I or II) they probably will find them academic money saving them athletic money
b. The coach won’t have to pull any strings or push hard to get a student in the school who possibly schouldn’t be there.
c. I know this applies for my school because we are division I and we are not fully funded, but the team with the highest GPA get’s a full scholarship added the next year.

I think our basketball team is the only team with the full 11.2 scholarships.

So to answer your question, I would say yes the coach is probably interested in you or else he wouldn’t contact you in the first place.

I can’t speak for every coach and every system but I can give you my experiences and the itineraries and agendas that I’ve worked with.

I’ve always been very interested in the transcripts of prospects and my interest’s starts early. I have no intention of having someone else beat me to a kid that I want – period. So I start my groundwork early – within the rules of course. I supported my efforts by having a real good working relationship with admissions, student financing, the dean of the students, the dean of the prospective school that the kid might elect as a major and other “internal” interests. In the final analysis it works to everyone’s advantage. A real win – win. I never had to lie to a kid and his parents about the program, the institution, and most importantly about the professors an the atmosphere of continuity and conformity that follows the “interest” phase — right through to the “welcome aboard phase” and all the academic demands…

Also, MaineBall touched upon a subject that every sport interest is involved with and that’s resources. There’s just so much to go around. So it’s only natural that a program cultivates prospects that can … excuse the expression … can cut it.

When your asked to forward your transcript from your school directly – not from your school … then to you … then to the requesting coach/program/athletic director’s office and so on… there is genuine interest in you. When the transcript along with other forms … like reference documents from coaches and teachers, guidance counselors,
even work references and personal references – there are toggles and switches being flipped on your behalf.

Without being premature on this issue, let me just pass on …CONGRATULATIONS.

Keep us informed of the process and the results. Best wishes.

Coach B.