Coach advice

My son went into the game last night. As he took the ball from the pitching coach; the coach turned around and said just these words to him…“you are still auditioning”.

I have never heard of such a thing. My son’s confidence took a nose dive.

What is your opinion on this. And how do you think I should handle this.

Not something I would say to any pitcher at any age when handing them the ball. As for dealing with the coach there are some variables. The age of your son may help determine the response. Is this a coach he will have for just one season? Is this a coach who is connected in the baseball community in your area and can cause grief moving forward? A little more info may help people suggest how to best handle this situation.

I have never heard of anything so stupid, so asinine, so—well, you pick a synonym. That was completely uncalled for, and if that coach had in mind discouraging this pitcher he couldn’t have done a better job. What I would have done in that situation would be to shove the ball back into that coach’s hand and say to him “You think you can do a better job? Go get a glove and get out there on the mound and pitch and see how you do!” And I would walk off the mound and out of the ballpark and say the heck with it, I don’t need this.
Fortunately, I never had that problem. The team I played for—it might have been called semipro if everyone had gotten paid—had a manager with good baseball savvy; he had been a semipro infielder, and we went by major league rules all the way. And I was also very fortunate to have a pitching coach who was an active major league pitcher and who firmly believed in giving a pitcher all the encouragement, support and reinforcement of which he was capable.
That coach who shot his big mouth off needs to be raked over the coals but good and then summarily dismissed, fired, kicked out on his kiester. Nobody needs or wants someone like that. :x

Auditioning 'sounds like you are still trying out. It appears the ooach is challenging him. I dont have a problem with it. Unless he is 12 or under. How did he do? I would have to no more about the situation before he said this.

I can see a professional coach saying that to a major league pitcher but never to a youngster. By saying that it tells your child that if he doesn’t perform well then he is a failure.

As a coach I try to only say things that will help my players progress and want to improve. Here are some comments that your coach should try to remember for next time.

Tell him to respond, “We are all auditioning.” :lol: