CMONN GUYS CAN I GET SOME OPINIONS My pitchng staff (videos)

heres most of the guys on my teams staff what you think?, if you want to see more of anyone to get a better look just post it, i have more of almost every1 i think



Brian H


Me… flat work only… wasnt my throw day

The vids don’t seem to be uploaded on YouTube. I get error messages…

wow what a coincidence… i actually know Doc :o He went to my school (St Francis Prep) and he actually goes down to our throwing sessions and coaches us… anyway besides that fact I think you guys look pretty good

i was getting that message at 1st too but now they all work. thanks please try again id really like to hear your opinion mr. ellis
and also the opinions of every1 else…
(for some reason actually the brian h, and the espo arent up yet, it says to wait a little while… im going to try and post them again)

I like Bobby’s explosiveness and stride length.

But I’m curious as to what meaning you think you’ll derive from this.

Doc might want to make some adjustments to get his big body involved in the pitch. He looks very upright and generating most of his power from his arm.

I like Bobby’s long stride and quick arm.
I like Brian H even though he steps a little too far to the throwing hand side and then throws across.
I like Brian F’s smooth mechanics even though he might fall a little toward firstbase after delivery, hard to tell off the mound.
I like Espo’s mechanics - pretty good change of speed guy?
And Doc is a big intimidating presence.

In that order but don’t tell Doc I said that…

[quote=“Roger”]I like Bobby’s explosiveness and stride length.

But I’m curious as to what meaning you think you’ll derive from this.[/quote]

hey im just looking for any feedback that i could maybe give to my teammates or myself just to make a slight adjustment here or there that maybe our coaches havent picked up. so any criticisms are well appreciated.

by the way. brian h is our #1 and can at times touch 90 but sits at about 88
me(brian f) bobby and espo are the other starters and Doc is the closer

like i said before if any1 would like to see a different angle on any of the pitchers to get a better angle for analysis let me know

I think it’s mad phony how Bobby keeps his glove over his face like that, trying to do an andy pettite impersonation. If I were on the other team, that would get under my skin. So I guess it works.

yeah, Brian H throws across his body, his foot lands too far to the right, like hie’s throwing over his left hip … maybe he could get even fast landing more to his left, getting better hip rotation.

It looks like Doc maybe doesn’t get his arm cocked in that power-L position. He might be costing himself some velo. But it’s hard to tell with the speed of the video.

plus bobbys 6’6 and looks 7ft when hes on the mound so hes pretty initimidating as is

I Think Brian F and Bobby Have the best mechanics but ill go for Brian F because i pitch almost exactly like him lol!! both good though :smiley:

Bobby & qcbaseball (“me” movie) have the better mechanics.

Doc (like mentioned before.) looks like he only uses his power from his arms.
Brian H if i looked to the movie and to his outcome of his feet they drop arround 5-8 inches to early on the ground. (if you look at the nice drawn line on the mount you know what i mean.)

all you goys have at least one “flaw”—which one easiest to fix?Bobby–almost perfect—breaks hands too early–“shows” batter ball behind him.Brian F okay but hunches up losing velocity when he breaks hands.brian H–too closed–throwing across body.hard to hit outside corner,aint it?possibly from not looking at target until halfway thru delivery.Doc–strong guy–low low 3/4 slot.Not finished on plant foot but blowing out to right.7-8 mph hiding in that finish.You guys are all okay tho–BOBBY favorite.stand up tall Brian F!!