Clueless, absolutely clueless

When you walk up on that pitcher’s mound, are absolutely clueless to what you’re going to do? Are you literally playing this entire appearance by ear? Do have any confidence in what you’re repertoire can and will do? Has your pitching coach (if you even have one) given you a clear and concise picture of what to expect? Do you have any confidence in anything once you’re in the middle of the infield?

If your answer to any of the above is… “I’m just going with the flow of stuff when I’m out there?” Then you’re beaten before you even start.

I know you don’t go out the door to school every morning clueless on how to get to get there. And I know you remember to how to get home after school. So with those two simple repetitive acts, it only goes to figure that something must work at least twice a day during your school year.

So why is it that so many find themselves in such a clueless situation when called on to pitch?

How do you get your head on straight before you enter a game and take the ball?

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Few months ago i was trying to make my school team, the last spot on the roster was between me and another guy, and for me a funky awkward lefty who had zero experience in pitching, the last week was kind of intense, because my experience in pitching was poor but i was training hard and trying to elevate my concentration levels to the top. So, the last game, where all was being decided, i came in the 4th inning: with some things on my mind, one thing was an advice from my girlfriend who is absolutely clueless about baseball or pitching but it was; take your time and breath deep if the things are not working well, the other thing that i taught myself was “stay in the zone, if you are in the zone its better than if you get wild” So i came to pitch with more heart than experience and i pitched 4 scoreless innings.
I think this was the time i was most concentrated in pitching in my whole life. Heart and mind let me

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For someone with no pitching experience - you did exactly what others do with expensive coaching sessions, tons of game time, and tons of assorted help. You thought out stuff, took your time to see “hey, maybe this’ll work - give it a shot,” stuck to it and grinded out what you had to do.

First off - congratulations. Second - most will say that you had a lucky day. Those that say it’s luck are talking about themselves, not you.

Your the one that people like me look for on church leagues, small town leagues, backwater pickup games and so forth. We’ll make a mental note when we spot a guy like yourself, then formalize our observations on paper, then track you, discreetly so as not to show a presence. Then, as you groom your self to actually approach this game and the pitcher’s position as a CRAFT, you’ll take this to a new level.

Stay with this, study the why-n-what for, give yourself time to think … I mean think about how you did the game before and then keep a notebook of sorts of your experiences.

Again, congratulations.

Thank you coach B it means a lot to me.