Closing with Ultimate Pure Adrenaline

I am mostly a starting pitcher but whenever I come into a game in the last inning with runners on and the score close, I always have a huge adrenaline rush and become SUPER focused on hitting my spots and I’m pretty sure I throw a lot faster with this intensity.

How can I channel this intensity into my everyday starts!?

Thanks a lot, and tell me if this ever happens to you as a pitcher.

That often happens when a pitcher is facing a tough situation—he (or she) gets an extra rush of adrenaline and gets super fired-up, knowing that the chips are down and what becomes all-important is getting the side out. I was a starting pitcher who often relieved between starts (which counted, for me, as “throwing every day”) and when I would come into the game in a tight spot—such as having to protect a one-run lead in the ninth inning with the bases loaded—I would not only get an extra rush, but also an incredible sense of calmness, a feelling that nothing would stop me from getting the side out.
And not only in the ninth inning. I will always remember the first time I tried out my newly-acquired slider. It was the top of the seventh inning, and the other team had cut our lead from 6-0 to 6-4 and had driven our starter from the mound, no thanks to a nasty blister. I came in there with one out and the bases full, and the first batter I had to face was a pinch-hitter who would stay in the game and play second base. I signaled to my catcher to call for just the slider, nothing else, because I wanted to see how it was working. I struck out that batter on three of them—the last one being a crossfire—and I got the next batter on four pitches, the last one being another crossfire slider (and you should have seen what happened to that guy! He swung so hard he lost his balance and fell over on his tush with his arms and legs up in the air like some overturned bug!).
I pitched the next two innings, three up and three down every time, and we got our three-run lead back and won 9-4. What I felt was a deep satisfaction, knowing that the slider would do very nicely as my strikeout pitch. No doubt you must have felt the same way, knowing that your stuff was working for you. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

Adrenaline only lasts a short time in your system…but the feeling can be intoxicating. You really can’t keep that for 5-6 innings there is just no way, you watch Papelbon, his intensity is off the charts, he can’t do that for more than 1 or max 2 innings. That isn’t really what you want out of a starter anyway, a starter you want a guy that can keep you in the game by making good pitches for those 5-6 innings so that you can get to the middle guy and the closer.