Closing myself off?

I think I’m closing myself off when i land because my front leg along the side gets really sore along the outer side and up by the ass cheek. It feels like I’m throwing across my body. My front foot is not pointed towards the catcher but more towards the first base dugout (LHP). So this could possibly be the reason of dropped velocity and sharpness of pitches? I’ve been trying to land on my heel to allow more hip rotation which seems to work but im having a hard time keeping my front shoulder from flying open. Any advice is appreciated, thanks

I’d like to know how you’re going about “trying to land on your heel” because the kinds of things I can imagine are probably going to mess you up.

I’m not trying to land all the way on my heel but an emphasis on it, its more flat footed and i try to land with my front toe pointing home and my shoulders aligned with the plate or slightly closed

If you’re blocking yourself off then, when the shoulders attempt to square up to the target, that could put some twist on the hip, knee and ankle joints. And that, of course, could cause some pain. But other than that, I guess I don’t have any ideas as to the cause of your pain.