Closer role

the coach put us into positions cause hes already cycled all of us through all the positions 5 times each

he put me in as closer/relief pitcher

and 3rd base


do you pitch from windup or stretch?


Are you looking forward to it, or scared?


i play a in pretty shitty league with horrible batters. last game i threw just fastballs and curves. fastballs, when strikes just blew right by them and the curveball just had them looking stupid as hell.

i threw 1 curve at the kids head and it dove back into the strike zone - the kid swung at it and missed by a good 2 feet LOL

so im not that scared

Oh, your lucky then. I’m 14 years old, and I play in Zone 1 in CT for American Legion. It’s basically the top Zone in all of CT, and most teams we face have a grouping of 17-19 year olds throughout their order. I’m still really effective, though, but I don’t get to dominate hitters.

Are you going to use all your pitches, or just your two or three best. I remember when I closed, I used just my fastball and curve.

depends on what the catcher throws down

its only 2 innings max usually so i doubt i would be using them all

maybe just fastball, curve and cutter