Closer or field

I’ve always wanted to be the guy who comes in and slams the door. Also a pinch-hit or pinch-run every once in a while when needed. Do high schools use closers and if not shoud i switch to a diffrent postiton??

In high school you shouldn’t try and specialize yourself too much. I’d say when you go into high school have at least 1 defensive position you’re competent at, and say your a pitcher. Once your on the team tell the coach you’d rather be a relief pitcher or closer roll type pitcher. Chances are he wont use you as a closer exclusively, but the go to guy to come in when the starting pitcher is in a jam, or to close it out depending on the situation.

I don’t know of any college pitchers who were strictly releivers in high school. They were all the top pitchers at their high schools, so the coaches used them as starters so they would get more innings and be more useful. So if you wanna play in college, you’d have a better shot if you are a starter in high school.

Not entirely. A kid who got into a decent college in MA was his varsity teams closer. I’m 99% sure he played in the field, but when he pitched it was as the go to relief pitcher and closer.

Who in MA are you talking about? There was a kid in my conference who didn’t pitch much, but when he did it was as a closer. He was also the starting shortstop and rediculous defensively. They didn’t want to pitch him too much because of his defense and they felt they could win using others to pitch. He’s now pitching at Boston College. He got noticed at a showcase after trying out as a pitcher even though he was a closer in high school that didn’t even close that many games.

Don’t think it’s the same kid. I’m talking about Kyle Patton. He went to Westfield High, and I believe is attending AIC. He closed a lot of games, and was one of the WMass players of the year. Maybe the pitcher of the year, not sure.

Different kid, but similar story. The kid I’m talking about didn’t even close a lot, mainly played SS.