Cliff Lee

I watched a start last night by Cliff Lee and was i ever shocked?!?! Granted i didn’t get to watch the whole entire game but i watched the first 3 or 4 innings, enough to see that in my opinion he didn’t feel comfortable. While watching i noticed he walked 2 in a row but then again one was Matt Holliday(throughout his career Lee has walked Holliday alot) but anyways where im getting to was that it looks to me that Cliff Lee either has stiffness in his elbow or bicep causing him to lose velocity as well as lose some command especially on his curveball which usually he’ll use as a setup pitch and a strikeout pitch. My reason for saying his Bicep or Elbow was the injury is because his Curveball was high and his Fastball quite frankley wasn’t that fast. It looked like mechanically he was starting to come forward quicker than usual and he trying to pull across his body pulling his fastball inside to righties and mid-away to lefties. this is just a thought and i was wondering if other people saw the same things i did?

I didn’t watch the game but if anything Cliff Lee probably knows his mistakes by now and is hoping to fix it. It just shows that not even professionals are perfect.

I watched the entire game, and I thought the same thing you did, but than I looked up who umped the game, and re watched the game with the strike zone, Cliff Lee painting the corners of the strike zon, and thats one of the reasons he is such a good pitcher, but when an Ump has that small of a strike zone, Cliff Lee can’t pitch like he usually pitches.

Would that plate umpire have been Joe West? He is the most disliked of all major league umpires, and if this is the case I’m not surprised that Cliff Lee was having so much trouble. :shock:

Yup, his strike zone is ridiculously small, in the 2009 World Series he wouldn’t call anything, I see nothing has changed sence then.

But you also have to admire Cliff Lee because of his composure on the mound, he tied his personal record for most balls thrown (which he set when he played for Seatle in a game umped by…wait for it JOE WEST!)
But even when he was frustrated, he stayed calm and didn’t let his emotions take over.