Cliff Lee

Did anyone else hear him say “Honestly, I have never been nervous in the major leagues, I let my skills take over when I’m on the mound, In between that, I work to prepare, I have never been nervous on a major league mound”

Are you serious? Never nervous? Is he a BEAST or what?

I can honestly say, I haven’t gotten nervous for something since maybe first year of highschool and i’m now two years removed. Some people just don’t get that feeling, whether it be from confidence in themselves, or just being a laid back person. Then again, not sure if I could say that I wasn’t just a little bit nervous to play in the world series, that’s a whole other level!

The guy is flat out awesome.

He’s mentally tough, and he believes in himself and his preparation. Think about it, if you study hard and prepare yourself well for a test, should you be worried or nervous before you take it? The answer is no. You had the right information, and you studied like you’ve done several times before, the grade is already determined. Same thing for Cliff Lee. He’s done his work, and he’s prepared himself properly like he’s done several times before. What’s there to be nervous about? It’s time to go out and have fun. Enjoy the moment gentlemen!

I’ll take 10 k’s and 0 walks any day.

I’ll bet the Indians are very, very sorry they let him go. The guy is a very, very fine pitcher, make no mistake.