Clicking with no pain?

Hey, whenever I raise my arms above my head, there is clicking in my pitching arm. I have absolutely no pain, my shoulder usually never feels sore, so what do you all think of this?

Over the past month I have noticed a steady decline in velocity. A month ago I could reach back and hit 82, now I feel like I am throwing hard at 78, but I can tell that I don’t have the same power off of a mound.

Do the two correlate?

Your shoulder makes this clicking noise when you pitch a ball or in general when you raise your hands over your head. It sounds like your just stretching your arms and sometimes it makes that sound. I would not know if this is related to your decline in velocity.

The clicking does not happen during pitching, but imagine you were in the position where your arms are level with your shoulder, and at the elbow you make a 90 degree shape. Raising my arms above my head from this position causes clicking, and the only time the clicking goes away is immediately after a set of blackburns/throwers 10. I’ve started throwers 10 and gained my weight back and my velo has increased a great deal, but this clicking is still there and it wasn’t there before.

I can relate to what your going through, but can’t offer too much help. I used to have that clicking noise to, you can feel it click in the top part of your shoulder right? Anyway, I’ve had that on and off for most of my life but I never really figured out what it was. I mean I first noticed it when I was little and first started pitching, but it went away. The most recent time it happened was over this summer when I was pitching suddenly(I went from not throwing at all to throwing seven inning games…not the best idea). But now that I’m on a steady throwing program I don’t really have it anymore. So I would say it will work itself out, if it doesn’t then I don’t know what to say. I mean whenever it happens to me I always tell my dad and he always says “It’ll pass remember last time?” So if you really are worried about it get it checked out, but, for me anyway, it’s just something that happens, but I don’t know why or how it happens.

I had a similar sensation in my elbow. Did your shoulder ever lock up on you?

Never. In fact, it has to be muscle related for me because if I do a set of blackburns workouts the clicking goes away immediately afterwards because my scapulae are in their proper position.