Clemens Slider?

Would throwing a slider like Roger Clemens does in this video

be easy on the arm because you pronate your arm?

That is supposed to occur after every pitch thrown. I am going to use this video and study it I cant wait to learn how to throw this.

As we all know—or should know—the slider, when thrown correctly, is easier on the arm and shoulder than just about any other pitch one can think of. I remember when I learned the pitch; Ed Lopat told me “Throw it like a curve, but roll your wrist, don’t snap it”, and he showed me the off-center grip he used and demonstrated the wrist action (you just turn it over), then handed me the ball and told me to try it. I got the hang of it in about ten minutes, and I worked on it over the winter (1951-52) and ended up with a strikeout pitch that I nicknamed “Filthy McNasty” (after a character in a W.C. Fields movie). So by all means, go ahead, work on it and get what you want with it. It is a terrific strikeout pitch. 8)

A slider is thrown by getting movement to the glove side of home plate. This is only down by supination. Supination can become bad for your arm.

My son was taught the slider in the method that The Rocket shows, it also will work for a cutter (Note in the vid that he keeps his hand behind the ball and actually pronates after release), it is not done only with supination. A pitcher can also can get glove side movement by overloading…the same way you can get sink by over loading the ball on the opposite side. I’m with Zita on the wrist movement, on the other hand I agree with you that supination in conjunction with arm roll is a bad, bad thing.

The slider was my absolute favorite pitch to throw (can still feel that little tingle ) … however, of all the pitchers I have ever played with or coached … college or pro…I have never heard any say that it’s " easier on the arm and shoulder than just about any other pitch ". I am coaching a young man right now that I’m rather fond of, and everytime I see that little circle I drop my glove and threaten to walk away. If considering picking up the slider as an extra pitch, consult with someone you know and trust … not something off the internet.

Clemen’s slider does indeed look effective.

However, as we all know a slider, if not thrown correctly, can hurt your arm.

But that slider in the video, looks pretty safe, if your arm can handle it.

So yes by all means try it, but just like Zita Carno said, DON’T twist your wrist as you would when you throw a curveball, roll it.

What i mean by this, is when you throw it, your wrist just roll and turn.

I threw it in fall scrimmage on thursday and it worked really well. I could also tell when I was supinating too much. it broke really well. Hopefully when I get stronger it will get sharper.